When you think of “team-building” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Cheesy ice breakers? Personality tests? How about getting to spend the day with your amazing co-workers? Well at Easterseals Colorado’s Summer All Staff retreat, the last option rang the most true!

ESC staff were treated to an awesome day at ESC’s Rocky Mountain Village Camp this past Tuesday. We heard from our President & CEO, Roman Krafczyk, went on a scavenger hunt and camp tour, learned how to better tell our story with Barefoot PR, ate lunch with campers, and started a team art project for our lobby with our partner Access Gallery.

It was a beautiful day spent in the mountains with a staff full of incredible, caring individuals. Among the fun and activities, we realized that this opportunity allowed us to grow as a team that will be able to continue serving our community and supporting each other. As we like to say, we are one pair of pants with lots of different pockets!

This retreat acted as a reminder of the impact we are making together at Easterseals Colorado by leading the way to creating a Colorado where everyone, regardless of age or ability, is 100 percent included and 100 percent empowered. It’s a joy to team-build and work alongside our amazing staff!

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