Written by Kristine Burrows, Director of Older Adult Day Services (OASIS) at Easterseals Colorado

It is an exciting time in the world of intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. As the population continues to live longer, we have a great opportunity to provide resources specifically for older adults with disabilities, who in the past, have not had great access to these type of services, care and resources. That’s why, in September 2019, Easterseals Colorado launched OASIS, a program for older adults over 50 that includes daily exercise, meaningful activities and social interaction. We are proud to be one of the first resources in the country to provide services specifically for older adults with disabilities.

At OASIS, we want to engage our participants physically, mentally and socially every day. That includes activities like walking, yoga, dance classes and stretching – anything to improve mobility, strength and flexibility. Other activities such as science demonstrations, educational seminars, multi-cultural club and cooking classes help promote continuing education and mental engagement. We also make an effort to explore the community by visiting various museums, going bowling or touring local organizations.

Most recently, the OASIS group met with Governor Jared Polis on a tour of the state capitol, learned about mountain weather from the Colorado Mountain Club, learned about pet safety (and met a cute puppy named Juicy) from the Denver Dumb Friends League and toured the Denver Art Museum with Art & About. Engaging with the community breaks down stereotypes, proving that our older adults with disabilities are thriving and leading productive lives.

“I like all of the opportunities to do stuff when I come to day program!” – OASIS Participant

OASIS is currently accepting referrals for participants who are over the age of 50 and have an intellectual, developmental and/ or physical disability. We are also looking for volunteers and guest speakers who can spend time with our group and share their skills. For more information on OASIS, click here.

OASIS Staff:
Kristine Burrows, Director of OASISkburrows@eastersealscolorado.org
Natalie Tufford, Manager of OASISntufford@eastersealscolorado.org
Stephen Alonzi, Direct Support Professional at OASIS
Ann Doran, Part-Time Direct Support Professional at OASIS

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