Did You Know?

There are 600,000 people living with disabilities in Colorado and they need our help.

Easterseals Colorado serves 13,000 people living with disabilities. With your help, we could serve so many more.

We’ve always operated on a lean budget, but the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to reduce our staff by 46%. That means fewer people can access our programs when the demand for help is so severe.

Your donation will provide crucial funding to support people living with disabilities, like Jeremy.

Jeremy working at his new job.

Jeremy attended our Adult Day Program and his job that he landed through our Employment Services, which were both shut down in March. Jeremy reflects, “I was sad I couldn’t go to work anymore or see and connect with friends at the day program. This made a lot of extra work and stress for my host home provider.” During the shutdown, our day program staff would check-in with participants weekly, host Zoom calls, and offer one-on-one socially distanced meetings. 

Six months later, Jeremy was thrilled when the day program opened back up with limited capacity, and he even landed a new job after working with one of our Employment Specialists. “I’m very excited and grateful to have been hired at a new job so quickly. I don’t want coronavirus to shut everything down again, so I make sure I always wear my mask, wash my hands often and practice social distancing,” says Jeremy.

Act Now! Show your support today and help support the programs, caregivers and professionals who are essential to the people we serve.

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