Caregivers of individuals who need support with personal care, supervision, and monitoring may find themselves in need of respite (or short breaks) from time-to-time. A program of Easterseals Colorado, the Colorado Respite Coalition (CRC), provides financial assistance for family caregivers across the state to access respite care through the Family Respite Voucher Program.

Funds are still available! Colorado family caregivers of any age and any special health care need who have limited access to respite care and/or other supports through current systems are encouraged to apply. The purpose of this program is to meet planned respite needs for unserved and underserved family caregivers. Eligibility for this program is not determined by age or income level, but is a payer of last resorts, meaning that families are eligible if they do not receive another source of respite funding (i.e. Medicaid waiver, Area Agency on Aging funds). Read more below on how the program works, frequently asked questions, and how to become an approved provider.

How the Program Works:

  1. A family caregiver submits an application for the respite voucher program using the online form, ensuring they meet all eligibility requirements:
    – I provide unpaid care for a family member, friend, or neighbor; both living in Colorado
    – I provide full-time care (40 hours or more) weekly
    – The care recipient has a special health care need (please review explanation box on application)
    – Respite services will be delivered by an Approved Provider (list available online or by request)
    – I am able to utilize the respite voucher over approximately 120 days, or by the expiration date.
    – My family is not currently receiving any funding that can be used for respite care (i.e. Medicaid waiver, Area Agency on Aging voucher). This program is designed as a Payer of Last Resorts.
  2. If you provide care to more than one care recipient, complete one application for each individual. One voucher may be awarded per household.
  3. Per availability of funding (still available as of February 16, 2021), a family caregiver may be awarded a Voucher, typically ranging between $250 – $1,000.
  4. Voucher awards are valid for four months and must be used prior to the expiration date listen on the award letter.
  5. Voucher recipients then select an Approved Provider and schedule services prior to expiration date.
  6. The Approved Provider will invoice the CRC directly, so there are no out of pocket fees for the family.
  7. Voucher recipients must confirm receipt of services with a signature on monthly invoices and complete an exit survey at the conclusion of the voucher,
  8. Voucher funds can be returned at any time.

Approved Provider List

Family Voucher Applicant Frequently Asked Questions

Spanish Versions:

Solicitud de Cupón para Relevo Familiar
Preguntas más frecuentes

Voucher Information for Providers

Increase your impact, serve more families, and support your current clients that may be struggling to private pay! Partner agencies must submit an application and meet all eligibility requirements to become an Approved Provider. Approved Providers provide the direct respite care to family caregivers that have been awarded a Family Respite Voucher. Agencies submit billing and reporting directly to the CRC, so there are no out of pocket fees for the family. The Family Respite Voucher Program serves people caring for loved ones of all ages and all special healthcare needs, throughout Colorado. The CRC is seeking partners in any location to meet the need of our voucher recipients. Applications from for profit, non profit and government entities or agencies and organizations are accepted at all times.

Voucher Providers Frequently Asked Questions


If you have questions on eligibility or the voucher program process, please contact Megan Bettinger at or 303.233.1666 x8. Learn more at the Colorado Respite Coalition website.

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